About Me

I have provided technology solutions to customers for more than 18 years, in Network Security, Social Media and Channel Management.

As a Channel Technical Strategist I am in a hybrid role as Channel Manager and Sales Engineer. I use my technical experience to help our partners learn to sell our product and services.

I love to recruit and training new channel partners. Since a channel partner is an extension of your sales force they need have the same sales enablement as your employees. This is where I come in and help the partners understand the solution and support them thru the whole on-boarding process.

I have work in all 3 areas of the channel. I started out working for a VAR then moved into distribution and now am working for a vendor. I understand how each one functions to help make the company I work for better.

Experienced Telecommuter who can work from home office and produce results.

I love making new professional acquaintances, reach out if you want to talk technology, business or anything about hunting.