NG Password Management

Next Generation Password Management

Next Generation Password Management


Learn more about password management tools and why a enterprise needs them.  We provide password manager to solve your complex policies.

Typical User Error for Passwords

End User Password Errors

Do your end users try to game your password policy by doing something like this.

Password User Error

How do you make sure your password policy makes this type of simple to use password not happen on your network.  We all now that end-user are going to try to use the same password over and over again.  Don’t let them do it make sure your password policy never let them use the same password.  They will try to just add another number  or letter to the end of the existing passwords can your enterprise password management solution stop this from happening.   If not then you need a new way of creating a strong Password Policy.



Tips to creating good passwords

Enterprise Password Management

Learn why password management is need in your enterprise today.  Every corporate user had between 15-30 userid and passwords that they need to keep up with.   You need a solution that is easy to use and quick to get up and running.   Just think if all your users only need to remember there active directory password and have a enterprise password management solution to reset passwords.   This video is a great starting point.


If your in the market for a enterprise password management solution ask me how we can help.

What I am Doing Now

I am currently working for ILANTUS as the Channel Sales Manager for North America.  I am recruiting and developing new channel partners to sell our product and services.  We want partners that are looking to get into Identity and Access Management area but thought it was too long of a sales cycle and thought it was too complex to sell.

ILANTUS Provides Password Management and Single Sign on solutions for the small to medium enterprise companies in North America.  ILANTUS started out doing system consulting for the Large Identity and access management companies  like IBM , CA and Others.  We have completed over 300 successful project and learned a great deal of use cases that all companies can benefit from. We created products that focus on Password Management and Single Sign On for companies.

Password Express is a enterprise password manager that provides self service password reset, password sync to application web and thick client applications. With Password Express, users only need to remember one complex password and not many.

Sign-on Express provide single sign on to all web based application that a enterprise my use.  This can be internal or external apps.  We provide seamless and secure access from any device, anytime and anywhere.

To learn more about our products you can visit ILANTUS Express site


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